Master of Oceans – OSV – Southern Louisiana and Texas

Company: OSL Concrete
Location: Southern Louisiana and Texas
Salary: $208,000
Term: Long-term
Start Date: 2/1/23
Deadline: 4/1/23

Job Description:

The Master must have a thorough knowledge of all the Marine Operations onboard DP2 class OSV’s.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

• Perform all work according to agreed expectations of both internal and external customers, including planning of goals and objectives, facilitating corporate and regulatory audits and workplace inspections, planning and supervision of all paint/corrosive preventive maintenance work and all surface cleaning work.

• Ensure all crew members understand their role in the emergency response procedure and Station Bill, and have the required training, skills and experience to safely carry out their role. Coordinate regular drills to ensure efficiency of the Emergency Response onboard the vessel.

• Maintain appropriate logs and record certifications in accordance with State, Class, Flag, ISM, ISPS, SOLAS, MARPOL, SOPEP plan and customer requirements. Act as a Safety Leader ensuring the ongoing identification of hazards and the implementation of controls to manage the associated risks.

• Responsible for management of all navigational watch keeping duties, pipeline deployment and recovery, radio communications, and boat operations. Maintain ship communications and navigation equipment / firefighting and lifesaving equipment / anchoring equipment

Job Requirements:

• Valid UCSG Master of Oceans and Inland Waters with a minimum of 6,000 GRT, Dynamic Positioning Unlimited certificate, Ship Security Officer Certificate, STCW 95 required training, and other regulatory and non-regulatory courses. Towing endorsement preferred but not required.

• Minimum of 5 years required experience as Master and 10 years of experience in the marine industry.

• Prior experience onboard Diesel Electric powered OSV's operating in class DP2 is required.

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