Licensed Deck Officer – Middleburg Heights, OH

Company: The Interlake Steamship Company
Location: Middleburg Heights, OH
Salary: Base salary of $272.49 per day plus overtime and benefits
Term: Full Time
Start Date: 08/01/2022
Deadline: 11/15/2022

Job Description:

Our Deck Officers, referred to as Mates, are responsible for the safe navigation of our vessels and cargo operations. Engine Department Officers, referred to as Engineers, are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of our vessels’ machinery and propulsion plants.

Many of our officers were previously employed as unlicensed seamen on our vessels. Unlicensed seamen must first meet minimum sea time requirements and take US Coast Guard license exams in order to obtain a license as a Mate/First Class Pilot or Third Assistant Engineer.

All of our officers are members of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (M.E.B.A.), the nation’s oldest maritime labor union, established in 1875.

All Interlake officers receive room and board while employed aboard one of our vessels. We also provide paid vacation, pension, medical, and education benefits through M.E.B.A.

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Job Requirements:

All Great Lakes deck officers must meet the following requirements:

- Valid US Coast Guard license as Mate (Great Lakes)
- Endorsement as First Class Pilot Of Any Gross Tons Upon The Great Lakes Between Duluth,
Gary And Buffalo
- Valid Unlimited Radar Observer endorsement
- Valid FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit - See FCC Application Form 605
- Valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Card
- Current physical examination
- Current Department of Transportation Drug Screen
- Legally eligible to be employed in the United States (Proof of identity and eligibility will be
required upon employment)
- Requirements for First Class Pilots can be found in the US Code of Federal Regulations or
by contacting the US Coast Guard Regional Examination Center in Toledo, Ohio.

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