First Mate – USEPA Research Vessel – Duluth, MN

Company: SpecPro Professional Svcs, LLC
Location: Duluth, MN
Salary: $30/hr; $45/hr Overtime
Term: Seasonal
Start Date: 4/18/2022
Deadline: ASAP

Job Description:

First Mate – USEPA Research Vessel
Location: Duluth, MN and Superior, WI
Position Schedule: Full-time – mid-April through October 2022
SpecPro Professional Services, LLC. (SPS) is seeking a First Mate – USEPA Research Vessel to provide support to EPA Captain, and scientific sampling operations aboard the USEPA Great Lakes Toxicology and Ecology Division’s Research Vessel Lake Explorer II (LEII), and other smaller craft. The LEII is a 90 foot, unmanned engine-room ship. You will be working in support of SPS’s contract with the USEPA’s Laboratory in Duluth, MN.
Primary Duties:
• Operate a 90 foot, 150-ton ship and have experience and knowledge on navigating Great Lakes waters.
• Take watch of the bridge (i.e., relieve the Captain on a rotating schedule) during extended-hour trips and assist the Captain with ship drills and navigation. To include, carry out orders/instruction from the captain to crew and science.
• Support vessel operation and maintenance, and scientific sampling and data collection operations aboard the research vessel (R/V) Lake Explorer II. To include conducting vessel checks while boat is at port, conducting engine checks and overseeing mechanical equipment while boat is underway, handling mooring lines, securing equipment, and basic housekeeping.
• Expected to operate/handle ship for station keeping while equipment is deployed over side or stern.
• Support shipboard scientific operations; operate and maintain the scientific equipment and the shipboard hardware and platforms supporting this equipment (e.g., cranes and winches).
• Safety officer for vessel.
• Assist other projects as needed.

Job Requirements:

License Requirements:
US Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Card with minimum 50-ton Master license of self-propelled vessels upon Great Lakes and inland waters.
Preferred Qualifications/Skills:
• Previous experience aboard research vessels and the Great Lakes preferred.
• Ideally, certified in basic/advanced marine firefighting and hazardous oil spill response (HAZMAT operations level certification).
• Must be skilled in the use of life saving equipment, such as deployment and maintenance of life rafts and/or life boats.
• Must be capable of instructing anyone aboard the research vessel in safe work practices.
• Basic computer skills are necessary for email communication, maintaining logs and completing administrative duties such as time cards and expense reports.
• Fluency in English, both verbally and in writing/reading is required.
• Purchasing and budgeting experience for corporate credit for ship procurement needs.
Work Environment:
• Sampling activities may take place on any of the Great Lakes and shift work will be necessary during transit periods. Six hours on, six off when running 24 hours.
• Typical underway day for science work is 12 hours.
• The weather conditions on the Great Lakes are extremely variable. Must be willing to work on a rolling deck requiring strength and agility. Work is sometimes required both day and night.
• Incumbent must be in sound physical and mental condition at all times. Must occasionally carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Requires vigorous and highly physical work; individuals who want to join our team need to be ready to handle long hours and challenging work under tough conditions.
Work Culture:
• You will be getting the opportunity to support the USEPA’s mission and work alongside some of our nation’s top scientists and boat crew.
• Successful performance of duties depends on close cooperation and a good work relationship between vessel crew and scientific staff.
• The ship will be staffed with 4 crew total, plus scientists during trips. You will be joining a top-notch crew led by the EPA Captain, along with SPS First Mate (you), SPS Chief Engineer, and SPS Marine Support Technician.
• The vessel’s home port and dock are in Superior, WI.
Pay Type:
• This is an hourly position (rate/hour DOE) with 1.5x hourly rate for overtime (in excess of 40 hours per week).
• Typical work schedule will be 8 hour days (M-F) and 40 hours per week (no overtime) when at dock in Superior, WI. 12 hour days when on sampling trips, with OT for over 40.
• Meal per diem (55% of typical gov’t meal per diem rate) provided when on sampling trips, but not when at port in Superior, WI.
• Berth on ship may be available while in port in Superior, negotiable.
Special Requirements/Certifications:
Must pass corporate and federal background checks. Federal background checks take 8 weeks. Must have valid driver’s license.

To Apply, Contact:

Tim Dawson