Able Bodied (AB) Seaman Endorsement – Duluth, MN - Great Lakes

Company: Key Lakes, Inc / Great Lakes Fleet
Location: Duluth, MN - Great Lakes
Salary: Contract based
Term: Seasonal
Start Date: 07/22/2022
Deadline: 08/12/2022

Job Description:

Job Purpose/Summary: The able seaman (AB) may serve as a wheelsman and steers the ship by executing commands given by the
mate or captain. The role may also serve as a watchman and stands look-out at the bow. The various job duties depend on vessel
operations while loading, unloading, or underway.
Essential and Major Duties:
Serves as wheelsman in steering of ship
Serves as watchman and alerts captain or mate of dangers
Operates the hatch crane to take hatch covers off the cargo holds or to secure them
Operates the bosun’s chair to swing deckhands over and down to the dock face
May operate the unloading boom
Must have knowledge of operating the mooring winches
Stands ladder/gangway security watch
Shovels spillage back onto conveyor belt in event of spill
Hoses down the decks, washes down cargo holds, bulkheads and tunnels inside the ship, cleaning the unloading system
While vessel is underway, is responsible for general cleaning and maintenance such as chipping, painting, and sweeping
Other Functions:
Other maintenance and housekeeping tasks as assigned

Work Environment:
As expected in the Great Lakes region, incumbent employee will be exposed to seasonal weather including below freezing in the
winter to high and humid temperatures in the summer. Incumbent employee may also be exposed to loud sounds and be required to
wear and use hearing protection as required. Certain cargo ships may contain salt, silica, coal, and other hazardous dusts that may be
inhaled and require the use of a respirator.
Operates the bosun’s chair. Uses fall protector as necessary. May be required to use sledgehammers, hoses, etc. as well as work-type
PFD/life jackets, SCBA/respirators, hard hats and eye protection.
Emergency Functions:
In emergency scenarios, may be required to perform emergency duties to save crew and ship. Responsible to be physically fit enough
to perform the following non-extensive list of self-evacuation: use of escape trunks, indoor emergency panels, launch life rafts, close
fire doors, firefighting, life safety, including donning self-survival equipment, fall protection, scuba, survival suit, and life jacket as the
situation requires. May be required to abandon ship, jump overboard, swim, and row a craft.
While AB’s will be hired and paid as Able Seamen, the positions on each vessel are based on seniority which may require an AB to
work as a deckhand as well.

Job Requirements:

Required Qualifications:
Must hold the following Merchant Mariner Credentials:
Able Seaman (unlimited, limited, or special)
Must hold a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
Must be willing to live 7 days a week in a remote environment with limited access to medical supplies and medical personnel
Maintain licenses and qualifications as required by regulation, both current and future
Maintain good health in compliance with USCG NVIC 04-08 including US Coast Guard vision and hearing requirements
Must have written and verbal command of the English language
Physical Requirements:
Will be required to pass the Physical Standard as published in USCG NVIC 04-08. May be required to stand, sit, crouch or lay prone
for long periods of time. Will work as necessary in confined or watertight spaces. May have to navigate tripping hazards, uneven and
rolling decks, and climb both stairs and ladders. May be required to push, pull, lift, or hoist equipment up to or in excess of 127-157

To Apply, Contact:

Trish Lucius
Crewing Specialist